Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What Is Rat Race and How To Get Out From It?

How do you feel about your life, is it happy or not so happy and exhaustive? This might be the signs of a "Rat Race". Few people will agree and as with any topic few other will disagree about the existence of rat race. Believe it or not I personally feel it exits and at one point I was in it so deep. So then how do we define it, there is no one standard definition but many, rat race for me is "a boring pointless, exhaustive and never ending lifestyle where he/she works a hateful job to pay the bills for the things he/she barely use". 

Proper definition will be..

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”
______Ellen Goodman

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Jake Desyllas, at the age of 38 sold his business to live without a job so that he can enjoy maximum freedom and do the things he loves everyday. He is a traveler, minimalist, avid reader, and a writer and published few books on job-free life, Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms

After listening to stories of several people he realized that there are many ways we can get out of rat race and enjoy the life with full freedom. He organized the methods broadly in to four types..

1. Unjobbing
2. Intensive Saving 
3. Passive Income 
4. Selling A Business

Firstly, Unjobbing, he/she is in no need to do a full time & stressful to fulfill their dreams instead keep an eye on volunteering or homesteading. Working part time gives freedom and also some sort of financial security. For example, if you are in teaching profession you don't necessarily need a full time teaching job but teaching part time gives you a flexibility in time and money so you can focus more on your 'dream ideas' that you find fulfilling and worthwhile in the life time.

Secondly, Intensive Saving means you work for some time a regular full-time job and save enough and ultimately quitting that full-time job. After quitting, one can pursue anything that might interests his/hers values and ambitions. For instance, one may work a routine job for few years, 5 or 10 depends on you, saving about 50%-75% of the money each month. This kind of maximum saving and minimalistic spending provides you the freedom you are looking for in the future.

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Thirdly, Passive Income, provides the opportunity to be free to follow your dreams while you are doing your own thing. It just makes money by itself but here is a trick all it needs is your effort to set up the business most often an online business. For example, If some one is working as a Chemistry teacher he/she can write online blog posts about Chemistry topics with very nice design and explanation and may be Chemistry YouTube videos, if these content happen to become very popular as there are other people looking for the same content for their exams he/she can make money passively through ads.

Finally, Selling A Business, It demands a person to have a profitable business and sell that one to a buyer. The huge amount of money you get from that deal helps you to buy you freedom and quit the rat race.

Finally, as per Jake's wisdom, you can escape from the rat race in to a freedom life by utilizing these four methods. There are multiple stories for each one of these methods but its hard to illustrate all of them here but you may think about reading his book: Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms. I personally believe that life is to live but not to be left behind a cubicle. We need money for sure, I agree on that but "How much" is the question we all need to ask ourselves!


1. (Four Ways To Quit The Rat Race by Jake Desyllas)

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