Saturday, January 19, 2019

Life Is To Enjoy Small Things And The Small Things Are Not 'Small' After All !!

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Do you ever felt discouraged or depressed in the life for series of failures or tragedies even having two hands and two legs? Yes, you heard it right having “two hands and two legs!” So, what is it about having the limbs, everyone has it! No, it’s not everyone but except Nick James Vujicic. He was born tetra-amelia, without fully developed limbs. Nick has two small and deformed feet. One of the legs which he calls chicken drumstick as per its shape.

Born and brought up in Melborne, Australia he faced typical challenges growing up in school and adolescence like bullying and low self-esteem. According to his autobiography, when he was born his mother avoided him to see and hold him but later his parents accepted that condition and understood it as God’s plan for their son. Nick Struggled with depression and loneliness as he continuously questioned why he was born different to the other kids and couldn’t get any answer from that deep introspection. As he grew up, he learned skills dealing with his condition and found his purpose of life as a motivational speaker only after encouragement from his high school janitor.

all rights reserved and/or original contributor
There are lot of people around the world apart from him who dream to have the things that we possess and wish to have it. Like Nick many people wish they could have arms and legs or not blind and deaf or not poor and access to at least one meal every day. These are the things that many people take it for granted and don’t appreciate their value. These are people who desire for more and more and that desire for things never ends and brings only misery and loneliness. 

No one deserve to be suffering in their life. Life is to live happily. This life becomes much more pleasant once we change our perspective and outlook towards it. A happy life is achieved by appreciating the things we have in our daily lives, for example arms and legs we have, a healthy body and mind, eyes and ears doing their job, having the gift of living in a safe country, having parents and friends who love unconditionally and there are many more things we can find happiness with. If we always look for the things we don’t have and try to get them, there are billions of things are there already and millions are being added to the list every year. To be happy we don’t need million-dollar homes and half million cars and billion-dollar jets but just the type of mind that enjoys the smallest things in this life.

So, for a happy life we need to have an outlook to appreciate smallest things in the life and not taking it for granted. If we look for endless materials in the market that we don’t have, it will be an endless struggle and suffering to get them. The easy things that you have can be a boon for one residing on this planet earth and waiting. Be happy and spread happiness, we only deserve that on this short trip to Earth.


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