Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why Couldn't You Catch the Happiness Butterfly Yet? Read Here the Reasons!

Happiness is what every living soul including humans search for and work for. But it appears to be that that butterfly is always on the move, further and further away like an enticing mirage. A lot of people had already searched and grabbed the secrets of the moving butterfly. These million dollar life changing solutions can be inherited by just learning the outcomes of the Hedonic Treadmill Research findings. Then why wait? Jump right in.

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As long as our perspective about life is not changing we will not be more happier. In our house, If our window glass gets dirty we would normally clean it with a piece of cloth so that we could see clearly the street outside. Same way, with an unreal beliefs of dirt lying in our mind whatever we think or do will get us to suffering. All we need to do is put effort to substitute our negative and unrealistic perceptions about the world with more realistic ones. The piece of cloth here is the much needed wisdom. Some psychologists say that our happiness levels stay a constant level even though we have got million dollars in bank or went bankrupt.

They researched on happiness by consulting people who got a lottery and those who lost someone dear to them in an accident. The results in Hedonic relativism and planning the good society (1971) and Lottery Winners and Accident Victims: Is Happiness Relative? (1978) show that the group which received lot of money were happy for sometime only, later their happiness levels came back to their initial average (i.e. went down to their original state of happiness). And the other group who were paralyzed in an accident were mourning for a while then again their happiness levels too came back to their original state (i.e. raise up to their original state). This phenomenon termed as "Hedonic Treadmill or Adaptation" initially theorized by Brickman and Campbell. This theory simply states that our happiness levels are at a constant level and independent on having lot of monitory gain or after some tragic accident. It fluctuates for a while but finally it comes to the individual's original happiness set level. This original happiness levels despite having a set point can be increased by changing our views on the life explained the research. A tip we could all use to be more happier than before.

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In conclusion, happiness can be achieved in this life time itself by changing our attitude towards life more realistically. To achieve this right knowledge is needed as found in positive psychology research. So, be in stable mental state even though you were hit with a major blow by life or rewarded by it. Be stable minded and be happy, not just for today but forever.

"Money has Limitations.
But not the Life."

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