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Are you a Gifted Adult? If yes, this is the way to Survive !!

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Lets begin, do you feel different and lonely even though living in the society? Are you very intense, complex and driven by nature? Are you highly empathetic about worldly problems? If the answer to these questions is a "YES", then you might be a gifted person and need further knowledge about it to live better and no regrets in your life. So, what is gifted really means? Is it mean highly talented and can earn a lot of money than others or having super natural powers? Sorry, not really. But, Gifted people have intelligence that is highly developed in one or more areas of interest but highly underdeveloped in one or many areas in brain.

"Gifted people will have Asynchronous brain development"

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Asynchronous development:
It means, uneven development of various skills or talents in the brain. For example, one might be highly creative (drawing artist or a writer) but have very low communication skills. Or, one might be philosophically intelligent but under developed in other areas or skills. So, looks like you got my point here! Lets see this in one example to clearly understand it, lets imagine a mountain and a valley sitting side by side. In here, Mountain is highly elevated from the ground while the valley is deeply dropped in to the ground level. Lets say the ground level is the 'normal', then the mountain and valley area has asynchronous development in respect to the plain land. In such a similar way, one area of brain [or a skill(s)] is over developed like a mountain and other area of brain [or a skill(s)] is under developed like a valley. Please read and check with these characters from Dr. Patricia Turners interesting webpage (1).

What problems one might encounter:
They feel different, alienated, frustrated with mundane things which doesn't have a meaning and value. Might face problems finding friends and partners because gifted people make about top 2-5% of populations. So it makes sense that you need to meet at least 50 people to meet a little similarity in feelings and behavior. Unfortunately, even if you found a gifted person you both still need a common ground for starting a friendship and a romantic relationship.

Possible solution:
Based on my knowledge and readings about gifted people, I encourage gifted people to talk to as many as people to find a good match for a friendship and a romantic relationship. It can be achieved by being very liberal to nationality, religion, age, race and education in search of similar minds. Also, it is vital and very important that both gifted partners should know about their gifted nature otherwise, there might be strong clashes as both are intense in their feelings and sensitivity, their is a high chance that both hurt each other. Realizing about their giftedness is the primary step in having a meaningful and healthy relations among gifted people.

So, if you found out to be a gifted person by checking with a licenced psychologist or gaining enough knowledge about your giftedness by extensive reading books or web pages, then first step is to accept your giftedness and yourself, as the way you are. Then be patient in finding friends and partners, once you found someone, realize that gifted people have intense feelings, its best that both realized about their giftedness and gained enough knowledge to lead the life happily.


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