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Is what we think always as real is really REAL after all?

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Every living organism in this vast and beautiful planet has its own reality. Fish in the ocean, has its own reality, based on how it perceives the world around it with the powers and limitations of its senses. Same way, the animals in the green dense forests and the intelligent human beings. Every one has his/hers own reality based on their way of perceiving the world around them through their five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. The reality we think is the reality in fact is the real "reality"? So, what's the reality, is the Buddha always talk about or Bagavadgita (hindu's holy book) always teaches or the dusty traveler always hints or the happiness researchers and psychology professors explored?

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Lets take an example, if there is two bottles of liquid one labelled with medicine and the other with poison what would that mean? Yes, medicine is the medicine and the poison is the poison!! If we were sick and to drink one, obviously we drink the medicine. Why because our eye senses the two labels and perceives as written as it is in the mind. Then we make an intelligent move to select the medicine with our hand and then drink it. Here, we have created a reality of our own based on what we have seen and sensed. What is the reality is in fact a reverse? Some one might have labelled wrongly in a hurry or with out knowing; medicine as poison and vice versa? Hard to imagine but the reality is the reality irrespective of what we have created in our "mind".

Okay, lets look at a dense forest in Africa, in particular a nice and wide lake. Deers, wild beasts and all kinds of animals make a visit to get the water. They come closer and closer to the lake and in to the water. And slowly their mouth moves to the water and their legs forward in to the lake. Their reality is to get the water and go back to meadows for grass. In reality, crocodiles live in the lakes, often many. So, they move slowly underwater to get the deers or wild beasts or what ever comes close to the water. Even the reality won't change if the animals know about underwater giants or not.

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In application to "living the life happily", looking the life realistically not based on our "reality" can be a great advantage at not wasting our precious time in this  a-one-chance-life in billions and billions of years. Real happiness comes from close human relations, living up to our true dreams, without hurting others physically and emotionally, and being confident enough in accepting our true selves. For example, a man/woman wants to be a millionaire in their life. That's his/hers dream in this life lets imagine. Sure, if they try to achieve this goal by establishing a business or something, they could achieve it in this life. But in reality he/ she might lose some years ( one to 10 years or more) of his/hers life in its pursuit. At the end of this life he/ she may not be needing the money and satisfied with the huge money. No one needed millions in ancient times to be happy and survive. All they survived with is no money but with food and shelter and most importantly, good people and plenty of time for taking care of themselves and their loved ones. Life passes by even you notice it or not. Life won't come back to you if you realize later that you wasted by pursuing something that is not even worth doing it.

In "reality", what we think is the reality might not be the real reality after all!!! Be cautious that in perceiving which is not a reality as reality can be misleading especially in pursuit of living a meaningful and happy life. Consciously use the time by not wasting on something that is unimportant in reality when looked back at the end of your life. Be happy but be real.

"Life passes by even you notice it or not"

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