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How earning more and more money can ruin our happiness?

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Money is a useful tool for buying the basic needs (food, shelter and clothing). Once there are met, happiness is a magical flower cannot be bought from it. It's not a product to get from outside sources but from our own thoughts and beliefs. As a truth, money can't buy us happiness; similarly "right knowledge" can buy it. 
In this a materialistic world, most of us, study for the job, job for the money, money for the materials and finally materials for the sake of "happiness". How about getting the long awaiting happiness really fast! Is it really possible, its a " big Yes" fortunately. Every one knows as a sentence that money won't give happiness, however we tend to follow it for the sake of happiness because we didn't understand the sentence. `We (= most but not all) have a natural tendency to follow the society around us. Earning more and more money than we need comes at the cost of our happiness and time. In fact, money and materials won't satisfy us besides they steal our valuable passions and dreams.

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Actually, earning more and more money will bring happiness but it is short term, an hour or a day or a week.  For instance, after buying a car we think that it will bring happiness but in fact we are at least in the beginning. After we bought it, we enjoy for sometime as the new toy is a novel experience for us. As the times passes, we are used to it as just a moving tool. We then spend lot of time, energy and money to maintain it and to take a good care of it. From now, it will not be just a tool but starts to trouble us. The people around us only sees the outward appearance of car as a colorful, useful and rich comfort but not the price of maintaining it. Even, we bought this car as a source of comfort and happiness at the end it's not what it became. Now, we need something else to satisfy us from the external world. Why we are not satisfied for the whole life after buying this car? Our own desires won't stop, it is like salt water. The more you drink it the more you need it. That's why, many work for "something" in the illusion of the future-thing will bring them happiness with out a realistic view of the life as a whole. New materials always flood the world-markets and eventually reach out to our senses. It's up to us to decide whether it will bring a life long, permanent happiness to us or to the society!

Similarly, as when we earn money (by a job or a business) we are indeed trading our time for the salary. Every one is different and has different happiness habits or life styles. For example, a person may like travelling but may not like working an indoor 9-5 job. In this case, he is selling his time and happiness for the money. Many people who are labelled by the society as succeeded are actually sacrificed a lot in their lives. Because the so called "success" means winning over many people to accomplish something like getting straight "A"s and maintaining a 4 GPA. But the student might have sacrificed his/hers hobbies and passions. Of course, some people can get 4 GPA with out much hard work but they still sacrifice up to some extent. Life is not just about success but to live the life as we have been always wanted to live. This puzzle can be solved by choosing a life style which will bring us happiness. Like being a self-planner of our own happiness by carefully selecting between what we need and what we want.

To add, Bronnie Ware discovered the top 5 regrets of dying people when she had worked as a nurse in pallative care. Many people expressed before their death that they should have lived a happy life by following what they had always wanted to do in their life. Also, many regretted that they had lived a life of others and worked very hard. It is always good to realize now than at the end of our lives.

Finally, happiness and money are two completely different poles of a planet. Money can only bring comfort as far as the basic needs (food, shelter and clothing) are met after that it won't really give happiness but our realistic thoughts followed by actions and maintaining close human relations could bring happiness. Planning our own life style that suits us is a vital part in bringing a life long happiness. Every one wants happiness right, so let's  start realizing and start walking.

"money is what not for buying the happiness but for only the basic needs"

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