Monday, August 28, 2017

The 4 stages of "Doing", from the "Unknowing"

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There are 4 stages of doing. Just 4? broadly yes, can be. The first one is "Unknowing", second "Knowing", third "Remembering" and the fourth one is "doing". People around the world mostly will fall under one of these four categories.

For example, we might know that "happiness comes not from money but from the memories we conceive". Most of the people in first group, don't know at all that this is what is the truth to be followed in our lives to be happy, means they don't know as this truth exists. While the second category, crowds may know or have read at least once in their life time but they don't recall or execute in their daily lives. The third category falls under which fraction of the people know this truth and remember as a sentence, may not be knowing its meaning up to the depth where he/she can apply in their lives for the sake of a meaningful life.

Finally, the fourth stage of doing. The ones who knows the meaning of the truth and its importance by not only understanding it but seeing it. Who that does in action is the saint or yogi with an unlimited knowledge in a specific area. Saint/yogi's can be in a forest or in a society but without attaching to the things. At this stage saint/yogi's can't be attached to worldly things even they live with them. They rejoice with extreme happiness by living the lives to the fullest.

These four stages of doing can be applied to any truth in the world, like doing a job, studying, agriculture, business and many more. Understanding in which stage we are in, can help us to achieve the goals, materialistic or spiritual.

"fantastic things can be easily done by the right amount of understanding"

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