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Living out of the routine 9-5 Jobs: A Perspective on alternative Life Styles available.

Early humans lived a fairly simple life as similar as to the animals, as humans are a part of animal kingdom. Since millions of years humans have been evolved in to an advanced level scientifically, culturally, philosophically, materialistically, spiritually and in many more ways. Even though we posses lot of materialistic comforts to that of the early humans of hunters and gatherers, we still are experiencing extreme "pressure" to achieve "success", like to get good academic degrees, high paying jobs, huge money and expensive materials. As far as many, success means money and fame. Is it? In the search of 'imaginary success" people are struggling to get it and maintaining it still many are feeling depression, anxiety, inferiority, failure and often end up in "quitting" their life. If we compare animals from ages to now, they have not been changed a little in their lifestyle, they follow pretty much same lifestyle as their predecessors did, grazing, migration, reproduction and off spring development.

Not to mention, most of the world follow a 9-5 job in pursuing the success or fulfilling their desires and to earn money to support their lives and their dependents. Not everyone can live like that, not even our relatives the hunters and gathers had done that. They lived a natural life of living in forests, gathering food from animals or plants/trees. In their point of view working in a 9-5 job is a strange thing and in our "development" point of view living in forests is odd thing. It's just ours perspective that is strange or normal.

Many people around the world quit their routine jobs in pursuit of freedom from consumerism and materialism to be happy. They wanted to live fairly simple and easy life, without paying for a lot of materials by decreasing their desires for unnecessary materials that the world of industries offer. It is up to us to decide to find happiness in which way? Then why not to take a lead of our life and follow our heart in pursuing the life that we have ever wanted in happiness.

Some of the great examples of alternative lifestyle happy and intelligent people followed around the world...

1) Jon Jandai: Thailand

Jon Jundai moved to Bankok, Thailand, from a countryside in search of success after society pressurized him for not having a Television! He had to move to Bankok and work hard in the job n which he didn't like. After seven years, he realized that he needs only a bowl of meal and for him it didn't make sense to live for the rest of his life. so he quit the job, moved back to the countryside and pursued farming for his living. Importantly, he became famous after he built several houses from earthen soil. He is proud that he has a lot of time now, producing his own food and building homes in him own land (he has several home now!).

Now he says he is happy, has lot of time compare to his friends. He feel he saved 30 years by not getting in to housing mortgage. He runs a website for sustainable living and believes in seed saving. 

For more details, please watch the TEDx video....

2) John Wells: New York, USA
Living in New York with full of debt and mortgage, John Wells wanted to change to a lifestyle of debt-free. So he sold his house and moved to a 40 acre property in Texas. He has a field lab where he works on creating innovative things useful for day-to-day chores.

More about him at
Please watch the below video for full story by Kristen Dirksen's YouTube channel..

3) Mazzi: Dubai
Mazzi originally from Dubai made his fortunes by the age of his thirty and bought a Ferrari for himself. Unfortunately,  while he was driving after a party he had an accident and had to spend a day in Jail which changed his life forever. He introspected and concluded that the life he was living like a millionaire was actually not the life he wanted. So he sold his businesses and hit the road travelling countries.

More about him at

Please watch the below video for full story by Dylan Megaster's YouTube channel..

4) Paul Chambers: Australia
Tired of city life and its high economic demands Paul Chambers and his wife moved to a rural property in Australia. Living in shipping containers they have arranged all the necessitates one might need. 

Please watch the below video for full story by Kristen Dirksen's YouTube channel..

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