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Meditation/Dhyana: What? Why? and How?

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“Meditation” or “Dhyana” (Sanskrit) is a very old mind controlling technique that has been practicing by many sadhus, monks and may others around the world, practiced very long time ago first in India and Nepal. This tool is a path for attaining ‘Salvation’ or ‘Moksha’; self-realization/enlightenment. Simply put, meditation is searching for self by looking in to ourselves. ‘Meditation’ has been attracting much of the attention around the world because of its powers of reducing stress and many others but is that’s it? Let’s see, if we can understand it completely by putting in to three of the following stages of applications.

First stage: Calming the Mind. Meditation, as lot of people around the world know or hear as a technique to control anxiety, stress, hyperactivity (in ADHD/in gifted) etc., So, what meditation is: where we take up a comfortable position (sitting or standing), and focus our mind’s wandering by putting its focus on to a certain object or entity like breath, a flower, a picture in mind, and so on. By doing this mind exercise regularly for at least a week or more, daily 10 min to 60 min (varies to person to person) can calms the mind down to a stable state so that mind focuses on any one thing that we want to focus. Simply put, we are training our mind in such a way that it will stand or sit as if we order. Each of these, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, etc., is a mind problem, right? Because we think uncontrollably that the mind runs very fast causing these mind diseases. Here, we try to control our thought process to control our mind and turn suffering in to happiness.

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Second stage: Inner search for knowing ourselves. Happiness can be defined by many ways by many people based on how we perceive the world and how the society shows the world. Each society thinks in a different way and pushes us to live like that, and think like that. To be happy we need to know what we want not what the society wants from us. If we know what we want and if we get that, we will be happy. Whereas, if we get what society wants from us then we may or may not be happy. For example, if a person likes travelling and roams from one place to the other, but in most of our societies “money (directly or indirectly)” is the main goal. So, think about this, if the person pushes himself/herself to make money he/she may not be happy. There are many great people like Gowthama Budha, Swami Vivekananda and many others around the world who knew themselves and taught the world how to live. Meditation will remove the societal illusion and put us in a state to look more inner than outer. Know who we are, what we like and then just follow that, not the money, to live life to the fullest by not falling in to the trap of money or any other temporary material things.

Third stage: Spiritual search and enjoying the ultimate happiness. So, spiritual search is just knowing everything about the life, if it has an origin must has an end. Simple as it is but hard to perceive it in the mind. How, many spiritual leaders in various religions around the world can just give up the things and live in solitude? It is only possible if they realized that all the materialistic and living beings are temporary, if one is born and would die one day, that’s it. For example, budhist monks are living in the forest or in solitude for years by giving up the ‘impermanence’ and following the meditation or dhyana. In Hindu religion, from very long time ago, spiritual leaders have been practicing Meditation/Dhyana not just as a ‘technique’ but more as a spiritual tool for unlocking the ultimate truth of life. Then they abandoned the “samsara” (the endless cycle of life and death) to live in the solitude or roaming among the societies to teach what they have realized. Budha is one of the great people who taught us how can we let the suffering out by letting the happiness in, after his “Enlightenment”. It is our choice which way we want to go in this precious one time human life.

To conclude, how meditation will help us by just sitting in a straight posture? Well it’s just not sitting idle but more it’s a practice of keeping the thoughts in control by constant surveillance in mind. In physical exercise, we keep excess fat in control for a good body shape by physical work. Same way, by constantly looking in to the thoughts and indiscriminately watching them will eventually calm them down and control them for self-realization, finally we can order which way our thought process should go. Let's do meditate, calm the mind, look in to our self of thoughts, and realize that everything in the world which has an origin must has an end. Then finally eliminate the suffering and bring in happiness to our lives, not just a minute or two but a life time.

"meditation is the surveillance of
 raw thoughts for an order and happiness"

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