Friday, January 6, 2017

Chasing "money" and dreaming for "happiness" is like looking for water in the desert!

We all want to be happy in this life but only few people or yogis or monks are happy. Then what makes us feel happy, not that kind of 'happy' we think we are in. Money, great job, good partner, good family, good house, good vehicle, travelling, good degree, delicious food, etc., if they give happiness then everybody in the world should be happy by now. If we observe around, we feel that people still craving for happiness. Chasing money and looking for happiness is like looking for water in the desert. Because money and happiness are two different things. If you need happiness look for happiness. Few simple things as mind training programs like meditation, decreasing desires, keeping down the limitations, accepting the things in the life as they are and avoiding some of the societal illusions helps us to be happy in living and strong enough to face the challenges thrown by the life.

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Desires are the motivation for the human life process. They are good in one sense that means as far as they under control and necessary. If we have boundless desires, we might achieve the huge money and so called "success". Even we see people are rich still not happy and facing the same kind of challenges that other people are facing. So, what to do? Put a stop to desires after certain level, observe them and finally control them. Sometimes, we also set some limitations to ourselves like want to be rich and achieve fame. They are never in our control and they change. If we achieve them we are good nor problem, but what if we are not achieved because of some strong reason that we don't perceive at that point. We just keep on trying in the same direction for ever. It is a good idea to observe the desires and our limitations. So, that we can control them to achieve happiness not the huge money or fame.

Life is easy? difficult? Neither is the life. Life is just life, it has its own way of style. But every individual has their perception of the life. Everybody has their own struggles to overcome to live in the life. Sometimes we face a failure or a success. What does that mean to us? This means that our energy to overcome that hardship is not enough. Sometimes we need to try harder but other time simply our strength is not enough even if we try for 5-10 years. In life, its worthwhile to accept the things that are not in our control. Listen to yourself and live the life. This means that live the way of life you truly want not because of societal illusions.

Meditation is the mind training technique widely used in India, Nepal, Thailand and many other countries. The basic thing in meditation is that you observe your life by closing eyes. After closing eyes and start focusing on our breath we are still viewing and listening to our inner voice. This mind training program helps more than medicine when practicing properly. There have been tons of research on this subject and bundles of research findings shown that mediation can increase some parts of the brain.

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We the humans born to forcibly achieve something in this modern life. Most of our perceptions and beliefs and aims might be diluted by the society impression. That means, pursuing that we really enjoy gives us happiness not that society (other than you) wants from us. Life is a onetime chance, it’s good to realize the importance of the chance and to live up to the full. Compatibility makes a huge change in our lives. In choosing friend, job, education, marriage, life style, etc., everything runs on the principle of "matching". It might mean how matching two entities are. You and job, you and life style, you and specific educational subject. To live a happy life its always good and beneficial how we are matching with the things in the life. Modify accordingly to fit with the external world. Become a good match and live to the full.

In summary, to live happily choose to live happily. If you focus on being rich and having fame you get it by trying in the same way, if you want to be happy well then "try it". Decrease desires, keep the limitations down, listen to ourselves to live, accept the things that you cannot control, practice meditation, change the life style based on introspection are needed to put in to practice. If we think what others think about us by the way we are living, we might end up regretting before death. Look at the people lived 1000 years ago, and at ourselves. What have been changed, is it the life style? Think about it.

"happiness is just our thought as same as our unhappiness"

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