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How can 'matching' picks happiness or unhappiness for your life?

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The word ‘matching’ means how the two things are best fit each other like how a lock and a key will fit to each other to unlock. There is a great deal of relation between happiness and matching. Happiness is not a state of being but state of chosen being in the mind as thoughts, how we see the situations that happened around us, thinking about it then to have good or bad thoughts that further leads to happiness or unhappiness. How well the matching and happiness-unhappiness are related? Yes, they are well related, as how a specific key opens a lock. A ‘best fit’ will help us to live a happy and comfortable life with a good state of mind. Few things like self-analysis about us is essentially required to know what worked for us the best in the past and trying to change the condition a little by little to have a best fit in the present and future, then yes, we will have ‘happiness’.

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At some instances, we see people or we just happen to face a situation, when we go to a new place of different weather that makes us sick. This happens because our body is not best fitted to the change in weather so we feel unhealthy until our body habituates to the new condition or once we leave the place. In the same way, we might feel allergic to cooking oils, vegetables, meats, fruits and other foods. This is due to our body doesn't like some components of that foods. So, for the best fit to achieve we need to avoid or wait till we habituate the foods or places or weathers somehow to feel ourselves good, strong and healthy to have a happy state of mind.

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We see misunderstandings or 'fights' between two people or group of people in the life’s journey. Everyone has their own core believes about each of the topics/ subjects. As, some like to follow rules while others are more adjusting/ compromising; some are self-confident while others are dependent; some have morals while others are more in to self-centered. So, it is very common to happen that two-different people with believes run in to each other during a normal day, then there might be a misunderstanding or a fight turn the normal day to an unfortunate day. Possible mismatch leads to all kinds of misunderstandings between two friends/ colleagues/ neighbors/ roommates/ partners/ couple/ in any relationship. Those have a good match will enjoy the essence of friendship or love or relationship or work place those who don’t feel suffering until they change their ways that led to a ‘matching’.

Similarly, not only between two people but also between two things, people and entities, namely education/ study subjects/ career paths/ jobs might happen the matching or mismatching. Because we may not always sure about predicting and having a good match between us and a job or us and a career or us and a specific subject in the college. We may like one subject but we might do poorly in that may be due to not having real passion or not having enough basics to understand it or other reasons. But of course, we will do well if we are matched or by correcting the gap between us and the level of difficulty of that course. Likewise, smart people might end up quitting a high paying job possibly due to having conflicting ideologies between employee and the company/ job responsibilities/ timings/ others. By introspection and thinking about it we can change the direction to get a good matching job or career or education for us to be happy and satisfied in the life.

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In summary, matching between two things, the two things may be two non-living/ one living and one non-living/ two living things lead to a happy state of mind and satisfied way of life. Mismatch leads to struggle, suffering, pain and unhappiness as well. The best way to live the life in pursuit of happiness is to "know ourselves". So, that we change the direction of our life to stay away from the mismatched thing temporarily or permanently. Quarrels/ struggles/ illnesses/ sufferings happen more often than we might think in the life, because life is also a thing and looking for a good match with everyone/ everything it encounters. The important thing to remember is that we don't get all the skills we needed to lead the life when we were born, there will always be “pieces missing in ourselves" that needs to be acquired or learnt through lessons during our lives. Know who you are! what you want vs what you have. This solves most of the problems we are facing in our lives. Change the life style to get a good match between us and the other, finally live happy.

"happiness visits us as our luck but knowledge can invite it"

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