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how to live happily?

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Life is easy when we were in childhood because we listened to ourselves but we are making our lives complicated in the adulthood by listening to or just following blindly of the society either intentionally or unintentionally. ‘Life is a one-time-in-a-life chance’. When we compare ourselves to that of other living creatures we are the most intelligent creatures on this earth. Living under the delusion of societal impression, not listening to ourselves and not thinking about the happiest possible life style that we can have in this life lead us to despair, unhappiness, sadness, depression and all kinds of physical and mental illnesses. We have a choice to live easy or hard, pick the best one suitable for you not dictated by the society. Life is easy when we are in childhood because we listen to ourselves, we can make our adulthood life happy too by listening to ourselves.

In the stone ages, the hunters and gathers lived the life by hunting food, living close to family. They were part of nature like plants and animals. When the stone age turned in to bronze age and further iron age, humans evolved to use metals and came up with new advanced processing and manufacturing technologies. So, what have we gained from hunters-gathers to the present most advanced era of human existence? Depression, advanced diseases like diabetes, various kinds of cancers, and lung disorders because of smoke and lung problems because of various drinks, tooth problems due to certain type of carbonated water. Of course, hunter gatherers have had faced dangerous situations because of predators and illnesses due to bad weather and other natural calamities but they had been sustained and lived close to nature and their family. There has been a longest research study from Harvard University that supports that for us to get ‘the true happiness’ we need a stable and healthy relationships. But now we are far away from relations and close enough to the materials.
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In the present modern-day world, we the humans have advanced technologies and methods to live luxuriously enjoying material comforts but what about happiness? Are we happy in mind? From the hunters-gatherers to present era, we have been seen, using stones, metals and now ‘we are being used’. We have initially pursued hunting then agriculture and now on to education based jobs. Are we ready to make a transition like this? Because humans have been changing their lifestyles completely in to the present day fast paced life since ~ 70 years. We totally agree that we are the most scientifically advanced generations with sophisticated instruments covering basic needs to the luxurious infrastructure but we still crave for happiness and looking forward to it that someday we will be happy. If is it so, we the humans would have reached stability in mind for happiness thousands of years ago, right? We are living in a society of fast paced, no time for hobbies and passions but only for money and materials. We chose money instead of happiness in real life but in dreams thinking about happiness. To be happy we needed to choose happy, that’s is not possible in the present day fast paced life unless we realize what we want to be happy and pursue it. Since we were born, we are forced to be like someone and do like something. We have been living like somebody and forgetting ourselves.

In olden days, the era of kings we had poets, story tellers, writers, fighters, dancers, farmers, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, carpenters, and many other artists and professionals but now if we have a look at all over the world, people are running to be engineers, doctors and many other money driven professions. Why we need to follow others or money? why can’t we live simple and easy life in that we will be just happy? Can we get another life after death? What we want in this life? A vigorous introspection is needed to attain to answer this gigantic but important and simple question. Not everyone is alike, everybody is different, so then everybody cannot excel in education or jobs or other professions in modern life. Every individual must have born with a gift, figuring it out is crucial, following it in this life a need. Animals live a happy life by finding their food, building their houses, living their life. Why can’t we? We are so intelligent; then why can’t we use it for attaining a blissed state in our everyday life. 
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Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are living in the modern era of human existence with all kinds of possible material comforts we could imagine, stop, but are we happy? Are these materials brought us happiness? Following others or society simply blind us result in suffering, sadness and misery. Not everyone is unhappy same way not everyone is happy. Changing the lifestyle for happiness is vital, it happens only after “self-realization”. For others who did not, will always be the followers of crowd and sufferers of misery. Decreasing the desires, keeping our limitations down to the minimum, realizing that we cannot control everything and accepting the things as they are can solve the problems we are facing in this life and can bring much deserved happiness.

Living the life to the fullest is a "skill"

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