Friday, January 6, 2017

Angels of happiness, how they look like?

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Happiness is the goal of every living organism including human beings. We, the humans, mostly think about being happy and work hard for achieving it. Different individuals define 'happiness' differently according to their lives and run for it but it’s extremely important to realize the truth about the definition of happiness and happiness itself. Here there is no need to word like 'happiness' and 'real happiness', but the actual happiness comes not from outside of ourselves, means not from the outside world nor from the materialistic world instead it comes from within ourselves. What we think, what we do and what we feel lead to being a blessed mindset. To live a meaningful and happy life one should customize their life how they want their life to be because life is just a one chance in lifetime! Imitating others life or living others life simply leads to an unhappy or meaningless life.
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For instance, some find happiness in enjoying the beauty of plants, some in animals while others travelling or talking to people. In this case, it's real hard to separate it out from these all means for happiness. All the above are in fact different but the feeling that we have about it that really brings us the feeling blessing. I mean the feeling not the materialistic aspect is responsible for the ultimate bliss. There is kingdom in India, where the king has three sons, vivek, arjun, and surya. One day they go for hunting in the nearby forest, the coachman prepares the carriage by picking the best horses for the safe journey. The coachman ride the carriage to the forest by following the shady, wide and pleasant route for the kings. They reach the forest by early in the morning. Enthused arjun jumps off the coach and pursue a dear while vivek looks for special floral plants there. Instead of dear arjun encounters bear and fights against it by winning over. Vivek picks up an attractive plant whose flowers are reddish and blue with petals in dark greenish red. While all these things happening, it gets afternoon and the coachman returns to home. Once the kings hit the home their grandfather asks what they have done in their trip, vivek says, "I have discovered beautiful floral plant with variety of colours on its flowers". Arjun shows the scars on his back and surya just walks out of the coach by covering a yawning. Here the grandfather of the kings feels happy only for vivek as he also loves plants. 

From this story, it is extremely difficult to satisfy or make happy everyone. As arjun enjoys hunting and adventure, vivek's passion for flowers and surya for sleeping. And the coachman smiles for the safe ride at the end. Happiness for everybody is different by following different passions or hobbies and some gets the fame from the people or gets huge money in return. So be happy with whatever you do as far as you are not hurting any living entity physically or emotionally and by obeying the law.

"plan our life-boat's road to be a happy voyage"

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