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Are we really living our lives? or in a illusion of 'Success is money & fame'?

You decide your life-journey, to the right? or to the left?
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A single subject behind all societies around the world running is “success” isn’t it? We would be born, struggle to crawl, walk and talk, play, get in to school, university, job, marry, save money, have kids, raise them and take care of them and finally we die. This is just the cycle of our human life! In each stage of the cycle money or fame is the routine final ‘destination’ we will keep in mind for that we lose time for money and happiness for fame! However, we feel miserable or painful in our lives as whole or in part or at some point(s) and crave for happiness and time; like closing our own eyes and craving to see some light. For living the life, we need to know what the success really means, because there won’t be two completely different answers for a single problem. Honestly, what success is? By comparing and thinking critically about the lives of 3 groups, people with huge money, people with very less/no money and people living in the forests (hunters and gatherers), we can come up with a “Truth”. Realizing that truth is extremely important, otherwise we don’t know where we are going in the life journey and might waste our precious life, ~100 years!

Let’s just get started first with the people having huge money, (some) the CEOs of companies, movie actors, business men and politicians. Businessman (some) can earn huge amount of money because of the professions they were chosen, for the talent they possess and for having a huge craving/passion/gift for money. As we know, hard work (physically or mentally) is required to get profits in any business. So, working hard will displace the quality time to be spent with themselves (for their hobbies, passions, interests and so on), their family and friends. Once they have huge money and profits they get used to it and no longer feel happy for the money they have been earned. At this point the right or wrong mindset can lead to happiness or unhappiness in life.

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Secondly, people with less or no money, (some) farmers, artists, wanderers and monks/saints. This group of people intentionally or unintentionally have lot of time and huge happiness relative to the group discussed just above. As this group has lot of time, they just live the life as they like or happen. They get a chance to look after themselves for proper sleep/food, maintaining good relationships, and following their passions/hobbies in their leisure time. Even though they have less money as far as their basic needs are met they can be happy. If these people compare and compete with the above group, then the suffering and pain might follow because you need to change yourself to get the ‘money-success’. People who has less information and interest about the outside world will be much happier than the rest like people living in rural areas. Less comparison and desires leads to more time and happiness.

Finally, indigenous people/people living in the forests as tribes, (few examples are) people living in Papua New Guinea, Andaman Nicobar Islands and Namibia desert. This group has been living like our ancestors (naturally) who lived thousands and thousands of years ago. Most of their time spent is for food, either they go for hunting animals or gathering food like roots, fruits etc., in the forest. As these communities, don’t have any electronic appliances, they don’t know much about their outside world. They live close to their families, work for food, perform rituals/festivals of their own kind and find happiness in them. Himba tribe is in northern part of Namibia, they don’t wear complete clothing as we do and use certain type of plant extract (red in colour called- otjize) to apply on their body.

In essence, people with huge money to the tribes living isolated with no money, we can conclude that to earn the money we lose time and for fame we lose happiness. Living the life is essentially an art and it’s important to open the inner eyes to realize and to learn it. What a life really is? and to know what ‘success’ means? is it money and fame? or time and happiness? Because if we are mistaken about the actual meaning of success there won’t be another life to correct it.
"success is just a mirage on the road of life"

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